Run your raffles on Facebook, your website and mobile. Collect more leads and user information. Get more customers!


Easily set up and run giveaways, contests & sweepstakes that drive real user engagement


Create unlockable rewards in minutes.Easily determine how your incentive gets delivered to the user


Reward your users through providing lottery experience. Users can have multiple ways to win instant games, prize draws & giveaways

Choose the type of Reward and determine how your incentive gets delivered to the user, then setup your actions to unlock 

What the reward has to offer :

Text to win contests are an excellent way to engage with your customers or target audience. Everyone loves the opportunity to win something and running it all through simple text messages makes it even more fun.

Text to win service offers these interesting functions:

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Our core mandate is to assist business brands deliver attractive, authentic, interactive marketing campaign experiences across all digital channels. Since inception, we have been creating applicable marketing solutions that allow brands, marketing agencies and charities to engage and delight their customers through mobile technology.

About Us

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To exceed our clients’ expectations by managing successful events that return the best results. At the same time, we strive to keep your costs low and stay in compliance with the law. Whether it’s managing your contests, instant win games, sweepstakes, or even skills contests, our company has a detailed approach to ensuring quality services at a more than affordable price.

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